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Assistance League volunteers transforming lives of adults and children in our community

Assistance League Scholarship Program and Teacher Support Awarded $172, 000 in 2016-2017

Schloarships 2017

In 2017, 42 students shared in the award of $172,000 in scholarships to further their education.

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The chapter's EBay site features many items of unique value that give a buyer a purchase advantage.

Assistance League Operation School Bell® Shopping at Target

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Seen above (back row, l. to r.) Target Human Resources Manager Kimberly Horton, Shell community volunteers Art Figueroa, Lori Martinelli, Michelle Ayala, Valerie Bagalla and Assistance League  Corporate Partners Chairman Linda Mercer are on hand to help (front row, l. to r.) Casandra Matel, Samantha Manning and Aiden Ashafa as they shop for new school clothes.

Thank you, to Target and Shell employees who assisted Assistance League members with students who came to shop for new school clothes. That day the chapter provided new clothes for 73 students in Contra Costa County.

Community Newsletter

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Celebrating 50,000 Children Clothed by Operation School Bell®

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 Assistance League members  celebrated clothing 50,000 children with new clothes in Contra Costa County over the last twenty years since the chapter started this philanthropic program.

The celebration was held at the chapter's primary source of funding, Assistance League Thrift Shop at the Way Side Inn, 3521 Golden Gate Way Lafayette, CA from 11:00 to noon on Saturday, April 23. Honored guests attending were Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla, former Assemblywoman Lynne Leach and Ms. Boman Pricipal of El Monte Elementary School.

Refreshments were served and door prizes donated by local merchants were awarded as a thank you to all our donors, shoppers and supporters.

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Annual Report - Volunteers Serving Our Community

Dear Friends of Assistance League of Diablo Valley,
Through your financial and practical help in the past year, the over 450 hands-on volunteers of Assistance League of Diablo Valley have worked to change the lives of thousands of people in Contra Costa County. For the past 48 years, our organization
has been investing in the future of the community in which we live, and looks forward with anticipation and optimism. No organization, however successful, can stand still. Working with local agencies and school districts, Assistance League of Diablo Valley adapts and develops its programs to meet the challenges of changing and growing need.
This year Operation School Bell® was able to clothe more local elementary and middle schoolchildren than ever, giving them the confidence to succeed on their educational journey. We extended our educational support programs into more
schools, where individual tutoring, and listening and reading to young students enhances their love of books and improves their reading and comprehension skills. The Kids on the Block, life-size puppets, engage elementary schoolchildren on
contemporary social issues such as bullying and diversity, and a new arts discovery program presented by trained volunteers has been greeted with enthusiasm by elementary school teachers who are keen to foster the love of art and creativity in their students.

In addition to our work with the Independent Living Skills Program celebrating the achievements of local foster youth. Click below  to read more…….

Click here to download Annual Report (Adobe Acrobat, 11864KB)

Where's Your Grandma Today?


When one of our member volunteers shared the following concern, a marvelous event emerged: "Now that I'm a grandmother," I asked myself, "books for children cover almost every topic imaginable, so why can't I find one about the concept and act of volunteering? Everyone has something to give to improve our community, children included."

She and fellow children's literature enthusiasts collectively "took pen in hand" to relate a story, actually a poem, sprinkled with alliteration and an intuitive rhyme scheme that would prove timeless and universal. Enhanced by award winning painter Stephen Osborn's colorful and masterful illustrations, as seen here, the inspiration catapulted a creativity and relevance, entitled Where's Your Grandma Today?, some of which unfolds below.

  And then it's Eden's Grandma's turn, she has lots and lots to say.
She works hard in a thrift shop, which is open every day.
The shop sells clothes and toys and books and dinner plates and candles.  

There are even balls and baseball mitts and sports bags with long handles.
"The money from the thrift shop buys kids new clothes and shoes.
We fill big boxes full of food for hungry people, too.
We like to help in preschools, checking sight and testing hearing,
And read to children just like you, and give them books for sharing."

Copies are available at Assistance League Way Side Inn Thrift Shop, 3521 Golden Gate Way Lafayette, CA.

To order your copy of Where's Your Grandma Today? contact Assistance of League of Diablo Valley 925-934-0901 or aldv@sbcglobal.net.

Service Since 1967

Since 1967, Service to the Community of Contra Costa County, CA

Members of Assistance League of Diablo Valley encourage you to learn more about the chapter, Buena Vista Auxiliary, Assisteens and the many ways you can become involved and make a difference in the communities of Contra Costa County from Walnut Creek to Concord, Lamorinda, Richmond, Antioch, Pleasant Hill, San Ramon, Clayton, Danville, Martinez and Alamo, California. 

Monthly meetings of the membership are held September through May at St. Stephen's Church, 1101 Keaveny Ct., Walnut Creek, CA. the June Annual Meeting is held at a to be determined site each year.

All funds raised by Diablo Valley chapter stay in Contra Costa County to benefit residents.

Caring and Commitment in Action

  • Received total revenue and public support of $780,000 in 2016
  • Of the total public support the sales revenue from Assistance League Way Side Inn Thrift Shop contributed half a million dollars
  • Provided new clothes and shoes for 4,250 elementary schoolchildren,and an extra 550 through school clothes closets
  • Awarded $146,000 in scholarships to 40 young adults
  • Donated 300 food boxes for families on CalWorks
  • Assembled 660 Baby Bags for infants at risk
  • Supplied emergency clothing to 180 survivors of assault
  • Provided 300 backpacks with emergency supplies for children in crisis
  • Awarded $8,800 to 22 foster youth through senior year sponsorships
  • Screened 1,020 preschoolers for vision problems
  • Performed educational puppet shows for 3,750 schoolchildren
  • Read monthly and provided a gift book to 1,250 second graders
  • Provided 2,025 hours of reading support to second graders
  • Donated books valued at $20,000 to children, classrooms and libraries
  • Awarded $8,000 in teacher support for student enrichment programs
  • Performed musical revues for over 1,200 residents of care facilities
  • Made 4,100 reassurance phone calls to homebound clients
  • Assisteens hosted two holiday parties for a total of 90 disadvantaged children, assembled 300 snack packs and donated clothes valued at $1,800 for children and infants in crisis, provided supplies to foster youth valued at $1,500, sent monthly cards to homebound seniors, labeled 520 books donated to schoolchildren, and hosted four events at a local senior care facility.
  • Buena Vista Auxiliary funded 1,920 hours of tutoring for 240 children and donated nearly $82,000 in programs and supplies to the 11 participating schools

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Assistance League of Diablo Valley

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Assistance League Way Side Inn Thrift Shop

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